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Teaching and research are essential activities at the Gault Nature Reserve. The first scientific studies at the site date back to 1859. Famous scientists such as Sir John W. Dawson, T. Sterry Hunt and Brother Marie-Victorin have explored the vast forests of Mont Saint-Hilaire. Today there are over 400 scientific articles, nearly 100 graduate and postgraduate theses, more than 50 reports and approximately 30 chapters or books that have focused on Mont Saint-Hilaire.

Mont Saint-Hilaire has a worldwide reputation for the diversity of its minerals as well as its flora and fauna. The mountain is also covered by an old-growth forest that has never been cut since colonization.

The special nature of the mountain, its rich scientific history, its proximity to Montreal, its accommodations and its teaching and research facilities make it an exceptional venue for academic and scientific activities.

  • You must apply to use the Gault Nature Reserve before starting your fieldwork.
  • You must submit an online application which the Director will review for approval. Apply online using our Research Application form. This form is also used for Housing or Laboratory booking. The Reserve staff will receive an email when you submit an activity request, and you will be notified by email when the Director approves the activity request.
  • Researchers will also need to download and submit a signed Research Agreement.
  • For additional information, consult the Research Guide

The Research Application Form is used to keep records of all research activity on the Reserve for future research project.

For scientific data please contact David Maneli, Associate Director.

Impacts of white-tailed deer browsing on white trillium

Long-term project of the Gault Nature Reserve
McGill University
Start date: 2006
Research area: Gault Nature Reserve

Pollination services are mediated by bee functional diversity and landscape context

Kyle Texeira-Martins, Master Student
Supervisor: Prof. Martin Lechowicz
McGill University
Start date: 2010
Research area: Gault Nature Reserve and surrounding area

LEAP (Large Experimental Array of Ponds)

Supervisor : Prof. Andrew Gonzalez
McGill University
Start date : 2016
Research area : Gault Nature Reserve

Interactive impacts of global change on freshwater plankton: implications for lake food web structure and function

Marie-Pier Hébert, Ph.D. candidate
Supervisor: Professor Gregor Fussmann
McGill University
Start date: 2016
Research area: Gault Nature Reserve

Ecological and evolutionary response of phytoplankton to rising CO2

Étienne Low-Decarie, Ph.D. candidate
Supervisor: Prof. Gregor Fussmann McGill University
Start date: 2012
Research area: Gault Nature Reserve and surrounding area

As climate warms, mice morph

Professor Virginie Millien
McGill University
Start date: 2007
Research area: Gault Nature Reserve

The effects of landscape structure and biodiversity on ecosystem services

Matthew Mitchell, PhD
Supervisor: Prof. Elena Bennett
McGill University
Start date: 2011
Research area: Gault Nature Reserve and surrounding area

Flora evolution at Gault Nature Reserve

Robin Beauséjour, master student
Supervisor: Prof. Marc Vellend
Sherbrooke University
Start date: 2011
Research area: Gault Nature Reserve



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