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October 5th 2021

Lichen: Art and Clean Air

September 6th 2021

Visitor's Guide

August 17th 2021

Ecosystems Rebound Following the Removal of Invasive Phragmites

July 15th 2021

Coexisting with wildlife on the Reserve

July 15th 2021

The more than hungry caterpillar

June 15th 2021

Tips for a successful hike

June 15th 2021

Lac Hertel, an invaluable lab for researchers

June 14th 2021

Partnership agreement between McGill University’s Gault Nature Reserve and the Grand Conseil de la Nation Waban-Aki

May 18th 2021

The deers love the flowers too!

May 17th 2021

Dedication sprouts at the Reserve

April 20th 2021

Mud season is here

April 20th 2021

The complicated process of snow melt


October 2021

Lichen; Virtual Medicine Walk; An Incorrigible Flirt; Annual Passes; Day Passes...

August 2021

Invasive Phragmites; All about ants; REMINDER: Fall schedule; New signage on trails; Medicinal plants; Photography contest ...

July 2021

The more than hungry caterpillar, chatterbox in the treetops, coexisting with wildlife on the Reserve, Blast from the past (Hertel Lake restaurant)...

June 2021

Lac Hertel, an invaluable lab, partnership agreement, One is the loneliest number, tips for a successful hike, Blast from the past...

May 2021

The deers love the flowers too! Annual cards: new fee rates, Did you know? Dedication sprouts, Blast from the past, The Future, Imagined by McGill’s Top Researchers

April 2021



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