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July 5th 2022

Summer Interns Step up to Protect the Common Snapping Turtle

July 5th 2022

Notes from the Field
The 2022 field season is in full swing, and the Reserve is full of researchers and students again.

June 2nd 2022

Anti-tick tactics
The black-legged tick is increasingly common in southern Quebec. Luckily, there are simple precautions that help prevent tick bites while or after hiking.

June 1st 2022

A Successful 24 Hours of Science
Over 90 students and 250 total participants were able to learn about a variety of scientific fields, explore research at the Reserve and learn amid nature.

June 1st 2022

2022 Gault Research Awards Program
Discover the five projects financed this year.

May 3rd 2022

Unsung Heroes of McGill
Recognizing Marc-André Langlois, employee of the Gault Nature Reserve

May 3rd 2022

Deer Exclosures
16 Years of Monitoring White Trillium at the Gault Nature Reserve

April 26th 2022

Annual cards are going digital

April 7th 2022

A Large Scale North American Research Project

March 8th 2022

International Women's Day
Celebrating Alice Johannsen

March 2nd 2022

I see a deer here, a deer there… are they everywhere?

February 3rd 2022

The Emerald Ash Borer: A Small but Formidable Foe


December 2022

Spongy Moths; COP15; "Up, Down, Up, Down"; ...

November 2022

Predicting Lyme Disease Risk; Notes From the Field; "Getting Warmer..."; ...

October 2022

The promise (and challenge) of using drones for deer surveys; The Birds; New outreach deer exclosures; ...

September 2022

New Research Pavilion; Riparia; Autumnal Enigma; Raspberry; ...

August 2022

Invasive Species; New International Partnership; Serious About Their Seeds; Goldenrod; ...

July 2022

Protecting the Common Snapping Turtle; A Flash of Tropical Colour; Spotted Touch-Me-Not; Anti-tick Tactics; ...

June 2022

2022 Gault Research Awards; Cute as a Button; A Succesful 24 Hours of Science; Horsetail; ...

May 2022

Deer Exclosures; Singing Sensations; 24 Hours of Science; White Birch; ...

April 2022

WINTRE-MIX; A Flash of Rich Brown Amid the Spring Leaves; 24 Hours of Science; ...

March 2022

I see a Deer Here, a Deer There... Are They Everywhere?; The Return of the Glider; Staying on Trails: A Simple Way to Protect Nature; ...

February 2022

The Emerald Ash Borer; Cute as a Button; Skiing in a Winter Wonderland; Yellow Birch; ...

January 2022

Subtle Impacts of Climate Change on Lakes; A Natural Snowshoer; How to Stay Safe While Hiking; ...

December 2021

Deer antlers; Fair competition; Be well-equipped for winter; Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing; ...

November 2021

Tea and Climate Change; Hop to it; Reservation System; Trails Improvement; Important info...

October 2021

Lichen; Virtual Medicine Walk; An Incorrigible Flirt; Annual Passes; Day Passes...

August 2021

Invasive Phragmites; All about ants; REMINDER: Fall schedule; New signage on trails; Medicinal plants; Photography contest ...

July 2021

The more than hungry caterpillar, chatterbox in the treetops, coexisting with wildlife on the Reserve, Blast from the past (Hertel Lake restaurant)...

June 2021

Lac Hertel, an invaluable lab, partnership agreement, One is the loneliest number, tips for a successful hike, Blast from the past...

May 2021

The deers love the flowers too! Annual cards: new fee rates, Did you know? Dedication sprouts, Blast from the past, The Future, Imagined by McGill’s Top Researchers

April 2021



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