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Courses available

Nature's classroom

Field studies are a rewarding experience in the academic process and an essential complement to the classroom.

Biodiversity Science

BIO860M — 3 Credit(s)

Biology (Sci): This intensive two week course offers a high level overview of concepts, methods and questions related to different aspects of biodiversity science.


BIOL 432 — 3 Credit(s)

Biology (Sci): Introduction to lake communities and the physical and chemical properties of their environment.

Physical Geography

GEOG 495 — 3 Credit(s)

Geography (Sci): Field research projects in physical geography.

Ecology and Behaviour

BIOL 331 — 3 Credit(s)

Biology (Sci): Field course in methods of sampling natural populations.Testing hypotheses in nature.

Monteregian Flora

BIOL 240 — 3 Credit(s)

Biology (Sci): Field studies of ferns, fern allies, conifers, and flowering plants; the use of keys for plant identification.



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