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Available courses

Nature's classroom

Field studies are a rewarding experience in the academic process and an essential complement to the classroom.

Biodiversity Science

BIO860X — 3 Credit(s)

Biology (Sci): Concepts, methods and questions related to the different aspects of biodiversity science, including discovering biodiversity; biodiversity change and ecosystem services; management and adaptation to biodiversity changes.


BIOL 432 — 3 Credit(s)

Introduction to lake communities and the physical and chemical properties of their environment. Rivers and wetlands will be covered only briefly, but students may choose to do their independent projects on these systems.

Field Studies-Physical Geog

GEOG 495 — 3 Credit(s)

Geography: Field research projects in physical geography. Held locally in Monteregian or Eastern Township regions. The course is organised around field projects designed to formulate and test scientific hypotheses in a physical geography discipline. May Summer session.

Ecology/Behaviour Field Course

BIOL 331 — 3 Credit(s)

Biology (Sci): Methods of sampling natural populations. Testing hypotheses in nature.

Monteregian Flora

BIOL 240 — 3 Credit(s)

Biology (Sci): Field studies of ferns, fern allies, conifers and flowering plants; the use of keys for plant identification.



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