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June 2nd 2022

Anti-tick tactics

The black-legged tick is a small arthropod that feeds by latching onto the skin of mammals of all sizes–including humans. Some ticks carry a bacteria that causes Lyme disease, which they can transfer to people they have bitten.

The black-legged tick is increasingly common in southern Quebec and spreading north. Luckily, there are simple precautions that help prevent tick bites while or after hiking.

Here are five anti-tick tactics!

  1. Stay on the trails: Ticks are found most often on branches, understory vegetation and in tall grass.

  2. Cover up: Wear long pants, closed shoes and tuck your pants into your socks to prevent ticks from crawling up your pant legs.

  3. Wear light-colored clothes: Adult ticks can be as tiny as a poppy seed. Light clothing makes it easier to spot them.

  4. Apply bug spray: A bug spray containing DEET can help keep ticks and other biting insects away. Apply on exposed skin, avoiding your face.

  5. Shower when you get home: It can take up to 24 hours for a tick to find a suitable place to attach to your body. A shower within two hours of a hike will wash away any unattached ticks while also providing a good opportunity to thoroughly inspect your skin.

Learn more

To know the risk of contracting Lyme disease in your region, consult the INSPQ's disease acquisition risk map.

You have been bitten by a tick? Learn how to remove it.

Want to know more about Lyme disease? Consult the Government of Quebec's rubric.



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