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April 1st 2021

COVID-19: Visitor's Guide

Opening Hours

Day Pass

  • Day pass must be purchased online

  • Reservations are required for day pass visitors only. Visitors must book according to the times lots available and prior their visit.

  • The day pass is valid exclusively on the date and time selected during your purchase. The day pass allows you to stay at the Reserve until closure.

  • Once a booking has been made, modifications are not permitted. No exchanges, no refunds, no credits. No changes to another date or time slot.

Annual Card

  • You can purchase an annual card online
  • If you buy your Annual Card on the same day, your Day Pass fee will be refund. Proof of payment required.
  • Annual Card Renewal : We will send you a renewal notice few weeks before your expiration date. Please check your spam mailbox.


One-way trails

  • Due to the one-way nature of some trails, you will be required to complete the entire circuit. Please ensure you are properly prepared before using the trail.

Two-way trails

  • Hikers coming uphill have the right of way.

  • Please heed signage for one-way trails.

  • Keep right, pass left. Make your intentions known! Call out when passing. If you want to pass, clearly and politely communicate your plans to other users so that they have time to react.

At the Summit

  • Do not gather in groups at the summit. Always keep a distance of at least 2 metres from other people.


  • Group activities are permitted outdoors but limited to a group of eight (8) people. The limit does not apply to people who reside at the same address.
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory inside buildings, in toilets and in queues.
  • Check the maximum number of people allowed in buildings.
  • When the two-meter distance cannot be respected, wearing a mask is recommended on trails, at summits and in parking lots.
  • The toilets of the Welcome Center as well as those of the Cottage remain open.
  • Rental of equipment, meeting rooms and accommodation is suspended.
  • Please respect the code of ethics on the trails.
  • The Reserve will review, on an ongoing basis, the services offered based on the level of risk and the directives of public health organizations.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.



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